Take a minute to fill this form only for have been marrieds (Divorced , Separated and single parents)


Only for  Divorced, Widowed and Single Parents!

Why Rekindle ?
We have plethora of online dating apps , we have tinder and bumble , we have matrimonial apps like Jeevansathi and divorce matrimony why do we exactly need Rekindle ?
Try being a divorced man or woman on these dating apps and see the sudden change in user behavior. Team Rekindle has done various focus groups and has concluded that maturity and emotions that people seek are diluted on these dating apps , we as a community tend to judge people . Hence Rekindle is a small endeavor to make a community of verified and curated profiles . Our priority is you and we take strict measures to weed out irrelevant profiles.

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Why ReKindle ?

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I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

Can I use the app if I am not legally divorced yet ?

It all sounds great, but when will the App be launched?

It’s a carefully curated concept- and all good things take time! Our agenda is to create a community of trusted members and launch app in a couple of weeks. Till then sit back, enjoy this journey and we will be with you throughout-  until you don't need us.

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Yes, this app is for matured adults with a separation, widowhood or widowerhood or even an annulment of marriage behind them.  Just be honest and don’t join if you don’t fit the bill. We don’t encourage cheating in a happy marriage, there are other dating sites and apps for that. 

Rekindle is an app where no one judges your life, your past is just yours, and its behind you. This is our message of looking forward- to a life with a second chance at love. Users of rekindle seek meaningful relationships and long-term friendships, the second time around.