In our lives, we all wish to find that one person who will be everything we ever wanted. Who would understand us better than anybody else, love us more than what we think we deserve and, most importantly, take a stand for us when we're all alone. Grace Fernandez Kapoor too wished for someone similar and, luckily, it all came true for her. She created a successful career for herself in the US and, at 23, over a coffee date, Grace found just the man that all of us are always on the lookout for. Cometh Pankaj Kapoor, Grace's colleague and well-read, suave gentleman whom she dated for 4 years before marrying. He was a spirited "Typical" Punjabi guy and Grace was a Tamil Catholic. But not even two different religions and two cultures like chalk and cheese could tone down the love they had developed for each other. Their marriage went smoothly and, overjoyed, they moved to Bangalore where Grace started living the life of her dreams. Pankaj was a forward thinker, he cared for Grace more than anything and always stood up for her whenever things weren't well with her in-laws. After a few complications along the way, Grace delivered a healthy boy and when he was 8, Grace gave birth to a set of twins! Grace couldn't possibly ask for anything more from life. She had a successful, loving husband and, with him, three beautiful kids to look after. But as they say, the best dreams last the shortest. Pankaj was on his business trips to Kolkata and every time he boarded a flight, he would text Grace these exact three words- "Boarded, love you". But this time, Grace received a phone call in a jittery voice instead, which said " Pankaj has met with an accident and has suffered severe head injuries". Grace flew right away, leaving her three kids behind, and found her rather vibrant husband on ventilator in ICU, clinging to whatever life he had left in him. Grace prayed hard. She waited for the moment when her husband would suddenly wake up from his coma but in vain. And, one day, the inevitable happened Grace's life crumbled before her and she couldn't do anything about it. More so, she was disturbed by the thought that two of her kids would grow up without a father, one of whom has just been diagnosed with autism! But Grace couldn't just sit and mourn. So she put on her tough mask and decided that, through her, she will let her kids feel the warmth they would have felt from Pankaj. But, however hard she tried, it was all so overwhelming for Grace and soon, she fell into depression. "I was a complete wreck and lost 18 kg in one year", she recalls. During these trying times, Grace lived with her in-laws in Nagpur and remembers how extremely supportive they were . In an attempt to reshape her life, Grace came back to Mumbai and made the first change by joining a gym. She met other guys, went on a few dates, and made up her mind that it's better to just enjoy things as they happen and quit holding onto people or feelings. She taught herself that whatever may happen now, she will take it head-on and just deal with it- one thing that she teaches her kids today as well. In our lives, we wish to meet the best person we can find and stick with him or her forever. But life can be unforgiving if it was once generous. Thus, it makes sense to revere things as they come by, then hope for the best and make do with whatever you get. Grace learnt this the hard way but you can make amends today. Let us know what you think about Grace's story in the comments below. Grace is dating someone currently and admire Rekindle's curated dating platform.

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